Die drei ??? Kids - The Three ???, Aliens in Rocky Beach

The Three ???, Aliens in Rocky Beach

  • Ulf Blanck

Verlag: Kosmos Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2018 Alter: ab 8 Jahren ISBN: 978-3-440-16331-3
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Rocky Beach is haunted! Strange noises are heard from the wastewater pipes, as if by magic unusual circles appear in the corn field and water red as blood pours out of the fountain on the market square. The Three ??? are puzzled but they actually don´t believe in ghosts or extraterrestrial life. An uncanny investigation starts. Maybe ghosts do exist after all? In Rocky Beach, California, live the three detectives: Justus Jonas, Peter Shaw and Bob Andrews. Together, they are The Three ??? and there is nothing they don't take on! The three friends witness exciting detective stories, solve puzzles no matter how tricky, and can always rely on each other. Learn more about Justus, Peter and Bob on www.thethreedetectives.com

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